Orbit – Commands List

We at Orbit wanted to make it really simple for you users to use the bot. So therefore we decided we would categorise his commands for you.

Orbit has a wide range of music command for you to use with high quality audio at 300 codec quality making sure it’s nice and clearer for you, here are some of his music commands:

o.disconnect – Disconnects the player from the voice channel and clears its queue

o.find – Lists the first 10 search results from a given query.

o.now – Shows some stats about the currently playing song

o.pause – Pauses/Resumes the current track.

o.play – Searches and plays a song from a given query.

o.queue – Shows the player’s queue.

o.remove – Removes an item from the player’s queue with the given index.

o.repeat – Repeats the current song until the command is invoked again.

o.seek – Seeks to a given position in a track.

o.shuffle – Shuffles the player’s queue.

o.skip – Skips the current track.

o.stop – Stops the player and clears its queue.

o.volume – Explain’s how to change the music volume.

Orbit has many things on board to make you laugh, cry and brighten your day. My favourite is the memes you should give it a go! Anyways here’s the commands for fun!

o.cat – Random cat picture for you

o.dog – Random dog picture for you.

o.meme – Random meme from dank-memes.

o.coinflip – Toss a coin for your…orbit might as well try your luck

o.art – Sends a piece of art from our selected art Reddit.

And even more fun commands are to come and be added don’t worry! Got any suggestions let us know in our support server.

Every server requires some protection that’s why Orbit is fit with admin/moderator tools for your needs. So you can count on Orbit when you need someone punished.

o.ban – Ban’s a specified member of your server stop’s them from returning!

o.softban – This is almost like a ban but it un-bans them straight away so all their messages also get deleted in the process.

o.kick – Kicks a member from your server requires kick permission.

o.purge – Specify a user and the bot will delete only their messages (NEW)

o.warn – Warn’s a user of your server you can also state a custom message to why they were warned and they will receive a notification with the message.

o.clean – Deletes the last 30 messages in the channel (can say 100) for 100 messages.

For your notice you agree to that you are 18 years or older and agree to discord community safety standards when wanting to use NSFW from our bot. Also please note your channel must be NSFW enabled to use these commands. Are you looking to spice some heat up in your server? Well to suit your needs Orbit is fitted with a NSFW commands so you can view whatever’s on your mind. Here are the NSFW commands:

o.rule34 – Search rule34 where there is almost everything you could want.

o.porn – Give’s you an image from r/nsfw top hot section.

o.porngif – Gives you a gif instead of a still image from our selected porn reddit.

o.booty – A hot selected booty from r/booty for you.

o.bootygif – Instead of a still picture you get a high quality gif instead

o.bondage – Gives an image or gif from bondage reddit.

o.gayporn – Gives a a image or gif from gayporn reddit.

o.hentaigif – Gives a hentai gif from our selected hentai reddit.

o.hentai – Sends a hentai image from our selected hentai reddit.

o.pussyporn – Images/Gifs of that only.

o.furryporn – Sends an image of furries from our furry reddit.

o.nudes – Sends you an NSFW image to your DM’s. (New)

Orbit has some commands that may help you for statistics of your server and such so here is a list of commands that we class as a utility for your discord server. Here are the commands:

o.avatar – Sends you an embed of your avatar

o.joindate – Mention a member and it will give you their joindate and more statistics.

o.server – Gives you statistic information on your server/guild.

o.user – Mention a user and it will give you information on them.

o.ping – Displays the bot latency

o.help – Displays the help command that lists all the command messages and also a link to this page.

o.status – Displays the status of the bot with all

o.vote – Vote for the bot it’s worth it and you get some good perks.

o.support – Gives you an invite to our support server. Where we can help you.

o.invite – An invite for the bot to give to your friends.

o.owstats – (battletag) (platform) (region) – Grabs overwatch stats!

o.csgostats – (steam64ID)Grabs csgo stats to showoff to your friends!