What does Orbit have?

Orbit is a simple all in one discord bot that has all the features you require for your server! Here are some of them:

High Quality Music

Orbit's high quality music module
allows us to stream music to your server
with no lag, no crackling, just bass!

Memes & More

Orbit is linked up to Reddit
He will be able to grab the best
new memes so you won't see
the same memes over & over again.


Orbit is currently equipped with tools that allow you to kick, ban, soft-ban, mute and is even linked to private api's for suspicious members more so you can keep those rule-breakers out!

NSFW (18+)

Orbit also has some NSFW commands
which you can disable if you would like.
Just in case you want to spice
it up a little in your server


Orbit also has many custom fan
requested custom commands like random
dog or cat images or even server info or
user info if you wanted to find out more
on users

Online Uptime

Orbit is hosted on some premium high
class dedicated servers so orbit
will never be offline unable for you to use

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What Orbits users say...

To prove it's not just as good as it sounds we thought we would share what some of our own users of orbit think...


Discord User

"This bot is awesome, I've not stopped using it we enjoy the fun commands it has also the music I'm suprised how well this is"



Discord User

"Orbit is great for our server we like his cute cat pictures and memes it really keeps the server alive thanks to this little botto"



Discord User

"Orbit is one of a kind, I've finally found a bot that doesn't have any audio problems went listening to music and my community proX gamers sure love it"